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Let your Apartment be Managed by a Professional

We provide service in apartments and residential sites, without damaging the good relations between the owners to ensure a peaceful environment.

We manage your apartment, residential site, office blocks, business centers, being mass living spaces, professionally, without harming the transparent, safe, peaceful neighborhood relations and minimizing your problems regarding the operation, maintenance, repair, security and personnel management of your facility. Apartment and residential site management require certain set of knowledge and skills.

With our professional infrastructure and wide staff, we, as ERG Group, can provide you this service at the most suitable terms.

Please call us in your needs of Management Services Building Management, Residential Site Management, Electricity and Water Installation Assembly and Problems, Personnel Provision for Homes and Workplaces, Nurse Provision for Children and Sick People, Apartment and Residential Site Security Services, Building Interior Cleaning Services, Home and Office Cleaning Services, Insect disinfection services; and let us find you the most suitable solution.
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All the entrances and exits at the workplaces, parking lots or all the spaces desired to be kept under control can be placed under control and security and work discipline is ensured for the workplace and the working personnel.

Would you like to make the community a safer place?

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