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The fast developments in the age we live is causing for even the giant companies at different sectors to continuously question “what they have done and could do” and more importantly “the past and the future”. Especially in our country at the threshold of new formations, what is expected of us just like any Turkish company is to be aware of the responsibilities falling on our share and to use all our efforts to meet the expectations of the age.

The journey we have started at our office in 1996 at Selanik street, Kızılay, Ankara city has made us one of the most important witnesses of the change in our country and in our business life. We, and many other business lives that have really put their hearts out for this country, has several “milestones” both in positive and negative ways. At this new century we have embraced by carrying the marks of the past; potential risks such as the fast emerging technological advancements, new financial structuring and competition conditions that can reach to merciless levels, cause desperation at maximum level in the future planning of all the companies worldwide. It will only be possible for us to free ourselves from this psychology via our “Business Ethics” being our greatest treasure.

In this framework our main target is to combine the esteem brought to us by our just position in the Security Sector with our potential human resources in new work fields and modern management principles and thus we believe heartfelt that we will be undersigning greater successes in the upcoming century.
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Keskinoğlu Tavukçuluk
Lider Kağıtcılık A.Ş.
GMD Siemens
Yıldız İplik A.Ş.
Metro Turizm

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All the entrances and exits at the workplaces, parking lots or all the spaces desired to be kept under control can be placed under control and security and work discipline is ensured for the workplace and the working personnel.

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